Case Studies

Case Studies

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Task Management Solution

ERP System manages tasks used in internal client's company


The client is a German company that focuses on consulting and technology integration services and commits to responding with agile solutions to the challenges of today's dynamic business climate.

Business needs

Building an ERP system to manage multiple business processes from one place. ERP systems aim to regulate and streamline processes that directly affect enterprise performance. These systems make it possible to unify all the company’s information in a single place that can be accessed by any authorised person at any time. The centralisation of information makes internal communications smoother and increases business efficiency. The technology used in business management software allows you to automate internal tasks and keep track of all activities in each area of the business. Automating processes also allows you to focus on other, more value-adding activities to maximise the performance and economic benefits produced by the company.

Project summary:

  • Develop a whole new website both front & back end.
  • Maintain & Update the application up to now

Case studies