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Case Studies

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Carnavi - Navigation & Multimedia Entertainment Device


Carnavi is a navigation & multimedia entertainment device for automobile operation.

Why do you need Carnavi?

Carnavi has a clean streamlined design with similar functionality as smartphones, which eliminates a lot of buttons. Drivers nowadays, most of whom are familiar with a portable device like smartphone or tablet will have no difficulty using Carnavi for such reason.

With a compatible smartphone paired with Carnavi via Bluetooth connection, drivers are provided with many choices & content within reach even when they’re always on the go. As a digital hub for media communication & connectivity, Carnavi enables drivers to answer calls, import phonebook from smartphone & even record voice tags for speed dial entries to easily connect with friends and family. They can also listen and respond to text messaged & emails by voice, instead of taking risk to text while driving.

Carnavi also plays the role of a leisure partner when it comes to listening to audios & watching videos. Drivers are able to access to any audio/ video source uploaded on smartphone device, conveniently switch and adjust between options only with some gestures.

What’s more, Carnavi is optimized for personalization and customization. Drivers can intuitively set up & personalize all display features to their likings for quicker & easier access.

What make users love Carnavi?

With a Carnavi equipped vehicle, drivers are provided with several main features including: Phone, Info, Navi, Audio, Connect & Settings, all displayed on a touch screen interface. Basically, it can serve as a mobile device on your car, which allows you to make phone calls, answer text messages & emails, play music, watch videos of your personal interest. If the vehicle is integrated with compatible device, Carnavi allows drivers to navigate on the road, while parking the car without any difficulty.

Drivers can not only take advantage of all these amazing features, but also can adjust Carnavi to their likings. Anything from home menu display, options and arrangements can be customized.

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