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Case Studies

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Cura - Personal Healthcare Companion

PHP , Laravel , LAMP

As health service has always been of great importance, Cura provides convenient mobile access to your health information and valuable tools to help you receive proper medical care. A friendly personal health-care companion is no longer so far out of reach!

Cura - Personal Healthcare Companion

Why do you need Cura?

Cura was designed for special benefit of users, aiming at better experiences and outcomes in medical care. Cura is the perfect replacement for messy hardcopy records, or multiple outdated forms of personal health check. This app is the reasonable transformation of health care, as technology has taken the stand over the years in many fields. Instead of loads of paper records, all information on your medical history is kept together in one easily accessible place, and as many records are kept as possible.

This app can be utilised for public use among family members, relatives, rather than just limited personal use.

For better understanding & illustration, graphing feature offers an overview of general health status, which means users can see multiple spots simultaneously, then zoom to specific ranges and identify points of interest.

Best of all, Cura allows you to share your health records with your doctors at your own discretion, enhancing interaction at an accessible convenience.

Undoubtedly, your vital signs & medication have never been taken such good care of so far!

What makes users love Cura?

Cura is a mobile app that empowers you to keep track of your own health records through many helpful features. Users can have access to a record of patient health stats over a period in form of charts to enable better medication response. Moreover, Cura serves as a personal reminder for medication and periodical health check. In case of emergency, finding the nearest clinic/medical services from the location may come in handy for timely treatment. Other features to better user experience includes retrieving historical readings and chart (up to 14 readings) for NEWS monitors & sending historical readings through email or MMS to GP/Caregiver.

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