Case Studies

Case Studies

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NubizKat is a mobile solution for product/service catalogs and presentations. NubizKat can be considered as an e-assistant of salesman to go to meeting with customers or tradeshow, events and other marketing purpose.

Why do you need NubizKat?

NubizKat, which means cloud catalog in Latin, supports users to create their own catalog within seconds, in an easy, fast and simple way. This mobile application is featured with well-designed, professional-looking templates for users to choose from and use as a catalogue layout. Together with the information input, the company’s brand and the superior characteristics of the product/ service can be highlighted for tradeshow, events display & other marketing purpose. Once it is created, the information is always open to access anywhere & anytime. Besides online mode, this mobile app being available in offline mode will empower you to do as much as possible.

This mobile solution is made with user-friendly interface, which comes in handy for either an expert or beginner when in need of presentation for your company’s products. Your own content can be collected from cloud, put into the available optimal templates and ready for use.

What make users love NubizKat?

NubizKat provides full customization when the company’s requirements have to be met. Users can add new, edit, manage, and update available catalogue, or corporate their own design with full support. Products are also classified into different categories, so that users are free to choose any template to their own likings & suitability.

For better illustration, many great effects are ready to be used. Catalogue output can be exported to PDF file and attached to email. Customers’ comments & sales history management are also on display.

Case studies