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"Gio BUG"

This is the monthly special magazine of spotlight news about departments's working achievement as well as other activities and stories in TSO.


We are proud to have organized many important events marking milestones in the nearly 30 years of establishment and development.

DX News

There's a growing awareness that digital transformation (DX) will be crucial for business management in the future. Therefore, TSO also tries to respond to drastic changes in the business environment and transform products, services, and business models by using data and technologies. Additionally, TSO always plan to build a framework to ensure stable profits after transforming the traditional corporate cultures through DX. With passion, responsibility and commitment in every single project, TSO has earned a reputation as the technology partner of brand names and leading corporates from over the world.

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We do not assure to give a perfect formula for a product launch but we definitely support you to increase the chances that your launch is a big success.