Case Studies

Case Studies

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Meta Strike

Solidity , Python

A blockchain-based role-play shooting game with a collection of weapons for players to equip, upgrade level to complete mission and earn NFT & tokens.

Meta Strike

1. About MetaStrike

Metastrike is an FPS Multiplayer Blockchain Game project that includes many essential and advanced features of a shooting game, with modern gameplay and high effort investment in both visuals and

Dive into a game world designed after the success of CSGO and Call of Duty. Players can satisfy their carrying level like a Smurf! The game is learned from other FPS predecessors, the maps, items, and guns are designed in a highly balanced form suitable for go-pro players.

In addition, because it is a blockchain game, players can trade items On-Chain, with a variety of guns and constantly updated. This is extremely useful for veteran gamers in trading items or guns like traditional games but completely transparent and stable thanks to blockchain technology. Surely limited AWM guns will be very popular in the NFT marketplace and sold from chain to chain by high-class snipers!


  • Free to Play/ Own: No need to spend money to buy first squads.
  • Play to Earn: Performance and game results earn through PVE and PVP mode.
  • Build to Earn: Custom your own maps, sell them as NFT in Clan War (guild mode).

2. Gameplay

Metastrike is structured as an open-ended digital battlefield. The Metastrike core team will build functionality for the game assets associated with the Metaverse brand in concurrence with the community. The Metastrike universe will promote the elements of game expertise, realism, entertainment, and VR above all; only by having an immersive gaming experience can the ecosystem attract enough participants to accrue value to the community.

Metastrike lets you fight friends and enemies across an engaging array of game modes and maps, always keeping you on the edge of your seat like no other. One in which only your skill can determine the outcome of the battle. Our team has learned and grown even more with familiar yet different gameplay mechanics including Single player (PVE) and Multiplayer (PVE & PVP).

When players first start the game, they will have to finish a training course to access other game modes. Players will be rewarded (token, NFT box) by completing it. After that, players will create their character (cost token or first one free), each player will have a maximum of 3 characters, each character will have energy and it will cost energy to play. Players will receive an NFT box to open and get a common weapon/ item to start their journey. Every day, players will have a daily task (For example 10 headshots, 1 assist, kill with shotguns, etc...), they should try to finish them and get the reward

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