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Case Studies

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Coins trading platform

Python , Solidity

FinanceX is a global digital asset trading platform with global fiat systems.

Coins trading platform

FinanceX is a world-class digital asset exchange that provides the ability to trade in local currencies (fiat). Traders can buy, sell and manage digital assets in fiat without any constraints or any risk of exchange rates. Established by a team of fin-tech experts, and backed by financial institutions from Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam, FinanceX inherits years of experiences in development, operation, and management of forex and stock exchanges.

With such a utility, users can easily buy, sell and manage their digital assets in local currency, but do not face any constraints or risks on exchange rates. Thanks to this improvement and difference, it brings fast, convenient and simple transactions to users.

FinanceX currently operated and managed by a team of high-tech experts; and is supported by financial institutions from USA, Singapore and Japan. From here, ensure to provide customers with the most secure, reliable service in real time.

FinanceX provides a simple transaction system, to support the exchange of cryptocurrencies from everywhere, for different audiences. Sellers and buyers can easily do currency conversions without going through any middlemen.

Exchange between local currency and cryptocurrencies with preferred payment method specific to countries.
Ensuring security and enabling customers to match hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

  • Token code: FNX· 
  • Headquarters: Bugis Cube, Singapore· 
  • Foundation: Blockchain Ethereum ERC-20 standard· 
  • Total token sales: 495,000,000 FNX· 
  • Payment accepted by: BTC, ETH

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