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Case Studies

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EHR - Electronic Health Record

Mobile Solutions
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Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a mobile application that enables you to keep track of your own health records for healthier lifestyle & appropriate treatment. EHR has revolutionized the way modern people take care of themselves.

EHR - Electronic Health RecordWhy do you need EHR App?

In daily busy life, everyone is now having less time spent on personal health care, yet this remains a problem of great concern. However, it seems unnecessary to have a personal nurse/ assistant to be in charge of this task. This is now the time for EHR to do the job. There’ll no longer be doubts as to how much money/ what kind of treatment you may receive according to insurance policies, which drug you’re allergic to, when to have your next periodical check-up or medication intakes.

Unlike most other health record applications, we know how to deal with security & privacy issue by generating a unique OTP (one time password) so that you can choose your own doctor to have access to your health records through secured authentication. EHR creates a platform between doctors and patients to share a journal on check-ups, medication intakes. Best of all, allows you to share your health records with your doctors at your own discretion. Generating a unique OTP (one time password) via the app, doctors of your choice has access to your health records through secured authentication.

EHR eliminates the need for profuse paper records and outdated forms & replaces them with completely accurate & reliable data.

What makes users love EHR?

This mobile application allows users to see their personal health records on drug allergies, insurance policies, health issues, current medications, history & upcoming check-up appointments. One time password (OTP) can be generated each time patient needs to consult a doctor via website. Within minutes of downloading the app & signing in with your own account, you’re ready to use a fully featured and certified EHR.

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