Case Studies

Case Studies

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Sales Tracking Solution

Sales Tracker Solution provides an effective tool that allows sales men & sales leaders to perform the selling as well as tracking the sales quota, for the purpose of increasing the sales of food products.

Sales Tracking Solution

Business needs:

  • In order to track and manage the performance of their sales team across the Asia, client wants a comprehensive mobile application which is used by their salesmen to present the products, record the sales volume & manage customers. The data from multiple countries is then centralized to a role-based portal for analytic purposes. 
  • This large-scaled solution has been developed by Tinhvan Outsourcing for 5 years and ongoing. It is rolled out in more than 20 countries globally with over 2,000 active users (which are salesmen & sales leaders). Sales Tracker Solution is regarded one of the most successful projects TSO has been working on - receiving lots of credits from the client & their users.

Project Brief:

  • Application Development both Front-end & Back-end
  • Maintain and update the application up to now

Main features:

For salesman:

  • Self-manage quota & KPI 
  • Customers Management 
  • Product presentation and Ordering 
  • Data synchronization 
  • Analysis report 

For sales leader:

  • Set/approve/manage sales target/quota/plan 
  • Analysis team reports  
  • For CMS - a Role-based multi-country portal:
  • Analysis Customer management 
  • Sales performance tracking 
  • Product management 
  • Sales information management 
  • Performance Infographic 

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