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MK Group signed an investment and strategic cooperation agreement with Tinhvan Software

On February 15, 2023, at the headquarters of MK Group, a signing ceremony was held for the investment and strategic cooperation agreement between MK Group and Tinhvan Software. Under the agreement, MK Group will invest in Tinhvan Software as a strategic shareholder, with Mr. Nguyen Trong Khang - Chairman of MK Group's Board of Directors - becoming a member of the Board of Directors. MK Group will also cooperate comprehensively with Tinhvan Software in business activities.

MK Group signed an investment and strategic cooperation agreement with Tinhvan Software

Tinhvan Software Company, a member of Tinhvan Group, with a 17-year history of development, is one of the pioneer companies in Vietnam in the field of software outsourcing and exporting to the Japanese market. Tinhvan Software is successfully transitioning into a company specializing in providing professional software products and services, starting with the Biz@DX software solution for digital transformation for businesses in Vietnam. The Tinhvan Software team consists of experts who have successfully implemented hundreds of software projects and have many years of experience in advanced fields such as Blockchain, Big Data, and AI.

With its core technology strength in smart cards and security authentication in areas such as government, banking, public transportation, telecommunications, and retail, MK Group sees the benefits of collaborating with a professional and experienced software company like Tinhvan Software, a resource ready-to-provide and develop integrated software platform solutions and smart camera services.

By joining forces with MK Group, Tinhvan Software will be able to participate in the MK Group ecosystem, work with MK Group to provide traditional products and related services such as management software, applications in Blockchain, AI, and Big Data technology in Vietnam, as well as expand its market abroad.

MK Group signed an investment and strategic cooperation agreement with Tinhvan Software

Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong, CEO of Tinhvan Software said: “Tinhvan Software Company, starting from a software outsourcing company, is orienting to become a leading provider of software products and services in Vietnam. I believe that the investment and strategic cooperation agreement between Tinhvan Software and MK Group will help both parties use their strengths to develop and realize this vision, bringing value to the community and society."

Mr. Nguyen Trong Khang, Chairman of MK Group, shares that: "The tremendous development of global information technology as well as the digital transformation effort taking place in Vietnam, have given software outsourcing companies like Tinhvan Software new roles and missions. They have become a key, important strategy to help organizations effectively leverage opportunities to speed up, stay ahead of trends, and create new values for themselves. Therefore, I expect that today's strategic cooperation agreement signing between MK Group and Tinhvan Software will open up new directions for both companies to develop. Both sides commit to sharing resources and experiences to enhance competitiveness, further increasing the value of their product solutions and contributing to affirming the position and reputation of Vietnam's software and IT companies in the international market."

MK Group signed an investment and strategic cooperation agreement with Tinhvan Software

The signing event of the investment and cooperation agreement is a follow-up activity of the Vietnamese technology alliance strategy of MK Group, to work together towards sustainable development, increase competitive advantages in the global market and reduce dependence on foreign suppliers, especially in the software and IT service field.

About MK Group:
Founded in Vietnam in 1999, MK Group is a specialized company in digital security authentication solutions and smart cards with over 23 years of building and development. With relentless effort in researching solutions with high intellectual value, MK Group is proud to have fully mastered the core technologies related to intelligent digital security, smart cards, and biometrics, following the direction of Smart Digital Security. From there, the company meets the demanding needs of the market in the areas of digital government, finance-banking, enterprises, and public transportation, and contributes to bringing a civilized, convenient, and safe life for humans.

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