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Representatives from Saltlux & Diquest Visited Tinhvan Software's Headquarters in Hanoi

On January 26, 2024, Saltlux and Diquest, two renowned information technology companies from South Korea, made a significant visit to the headquarters of Tinhvan Software in Hanoi. This visit also included a direct discussion with the high-level leadership of Tinhvan Software, including Mr. Hoang To, Chairman of the Board of Tinhvan Group, and Mr. Pham Thuc Truong Luong, CEO of Tinhvan Software, along with the management team. The purpose was to explore and discuss potential cooperation opportunities between the two sides.

Representatives from Saltlux & Diquest Visited Tinhvan Software's Headquarters in Hanoi

Established in 2000 in South Korea, Saltlux is a prominent technology company known for its expertise in information technology and big data services. With nearly 25 years of growth and development, Saltlux has positioned itself in the tech market with solutions and services related to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data analytics. Similarly, Diquest is a reputable tech company in South Korea. Its main products include intelligent search systems, content analysis, and natural language processing. Diquest provides solutions for managing and analyzing large-scale information, aiding businesses in gaining a deeper understanding of their data. Both Saltlux and Diquest play significant roles in the IT sector of South Korea and have contributed to the development of this field on a global scale.

During the meeting, representatives from both companies, including Mr. Lee Pan-suk, Founder and CEO of Saltlux, and Mr. Kang Lak-kun, CEO of Diquest, along with their executive teams, presented their development history, notable projects, and future growth directions. With strategic vision and remarkable achievements, Saltlux and Diquest are not only a source of pride in South Korea's IT field but also potential international partners in the Asia region.

From Tinhvan Software's side, with years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of Vietnam's tech market, they shared their achievements, standout technology products, and the capability for advanced tech research and development in Vietnam. Tinhvan Software has proven its proficiency through major projects in education, banking, and business management sectors.

A highlight of the meeting was the discussion about collaboration opportunities. Saltlux, Diquest, and Tinhvan Software all emphasized the importance of international cooperation in the tech field, especially in the context of ongoing globalization and digital transformation. Topics such as technical sharing, product development, AI research, and exploring new markets were fervently discussed.

The visit of Saltlux and Diquest to Tinhvan Software's headquarters not only marks a step towards close collaboration between the companies but also highlights the increasing importance of Vietnamese tech partners in the global business landscape.

Source: Tinhvan Software