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Tinhvan Software Recap 2023 - The Incredible Highlight of 2023

With less than two weeks left until 2023 officially concludes, we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2024, a year filled with hope and excitement. The year 2023 has been marked by numerous changes and the emergence of new opportunities, from the lingering challenges of an economy recovering post-pandemic to the explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – heralding a new era of advanced human civilization.

At Tinhvan Software, our relentless efforts have been focused on delivering top-tier technological solutions to our customers, accompanying businesses to overcome difficulties and master cutting-edge technology trends. Our journey through 2023 ends with remarkable milestones and impressive statistics, a clear testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire TSO team, as we collectively raise the Tinhvan Software brand to new technological peaks in Vietnam and across the globe. Let's reflect on some of our proud accomplishments in 2023:


BREAKTHROUGH GROWTH OF 52% OVER TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS IN A MARKET: In a challenging economic year, TSO’s BU3 achieved a record revenue growth of 52%. Under the caring leadership of BU3 Director Mr. Chu Giang Nam, BU3 has risen to become TSO's top-performing business unit, highly regarded by customers in Ho Chi Minh City. BU3 is expected to continue its strong growth in 2024, contributing significantly to Tinhvan Software's reputation in the tech arena.

ACQUIRING 25 INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: 2023 marked a memorable milestone for TSO in the race for quality international certifications. Compared to last year’s achievement of 4 certifications by 3 employees, 2023 saw a remarkable leap with 15 employees acquiring 25 certifications, prominently including ISTQB, Microsoft Azure AI Engineer, AWS Cloud, Scrum Master, etc. This impressive collection of certifications demonstrates our team’s continuous learning and skill enhancement, aiming to absorb new technologies and apply knowledge to offer clients the best technological solutions.

SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF OVER 20 PROJECTS: Despite a sluggish economy, Tinhvan Software continued to earn the trust of domestic and international businesses. In 2023, TSO successfully executed over 20 major and minor projects, receiving positive feedback and valuable contributions from clients. We take pride in the fact that each project was completed with the full commitment and enthusiasm of our skilled engineering team, hoping that Tinhvan Software's products will be a robust steppingstone for businesses on their path to success.

Tinhvan Software Recap 2023 - The Incredible Highlight of 2023COLLABORATION WITH 10 NEW CLIENTS ACROSS 4 COUNTRIES AND 3 CONTINENTS: Aiming to not only dominate the domestic market but also conquer international markets, Tinhvan Software is gradually establishing its brand globally by successfully collaborating with over 10 new clients across 4 countries and 3 continents. Besides familiar markets like Japan, Singapore, and the USA, this year also marked a significant stride in exploring new markets such as South Korea, China, and Germany – countries with potential but intense competition in the tech industry. This success is largely attributed to the tremendous effort of Tinhvan Software's leadership in taking the company's image to international waters and building a credible, quality brand with domestic and international partners.

ESTABLISHMENT OF A NEW BUSINESS UNIT: The establishment of a new Business Unit (BU 4) in 2023 stands as a significant milestone in Tinhvan Software's ascent and development not just domestically but globally. The personnel of BU 4, consisting of enthusiastic young members and the devoted leadership of Director Mr. Abe Satoshi, will help Tinhvan Software reach more customers, affirming its position and reputation in the current tech battleground.

As we experience the final moments of 2023, Tinhvan Software wishes to extend sincere gratitude to our clients, partners, and the exceptional TSO team, who have been and continue to be a significant driving force for the company. The trust and support from our clients have fueled our passion on the journey of exploring and leveraging new technological potentials.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Let's join hands to make 2024 a bright and memorable milestone!