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BearStudio and Business France Vietnam Representatives visited Tinhvan Software

On 14 March, Mr. Rudy Baer, the Founder & CTO of BearStudio, and Mr. Bastien Faugeroux from Business France Vietnam, paid a visit to Tinhvan Software to explore potential cooperation opportunities.
BearStudio is a software development company that specializes in designing and developing interactive applications and games. Meanwhile, Business France Vietnam is a governmental organization that helps French companies expand their businesses to Vietnam.

BearStudio and Business France Vietnam Representatives visited Tinhvan Software

During the visit, Mr. Faugeroux introduced Tinhvan Software to Mr. Baer and discussed the potential for cooperation between BearStudio and Tinhvan Software. Mr. Baer expressed his interest in finding resources in Vietnam and establishing a long-term relationship with Tinhvan Software.

"We are impressed with Tinhvan Software's portfolio and their capabilities in software development. We believe that our cooperation will bring mutual benefits to both companies," said Mr. Baer.
Tinhvan Software's representatives welcomed the idea of working with BearStudio and expressed their hope for a successful collaboration. "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with BearStudio and explore new possibilities in the software development industry," said Mr. Tung Global Sales Director of TSO.

This visit marks the beginning of a new chapter for BearStudio and Tinhvan Software. Both parties express their wishes for successful cooperation and promise to keep in touch for future discussions.