Dự án tiêu biểu

Dự án tiêu biểu

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Audio Entertainment App

A mobile application which allows amateur and semi professional musicians to record & mix their performance, post their work online & collaborate with other musicians to work on one track.

Project Brief:

Easy and rich recording function

  • Stereo recording with up to 8 tracks and maximum recording time of 10 minutes.
  • Each track comes with rich number of effect you can add. (reverb, compressor, and equalizer)

Collaborate and perform together

  • Collaboration function allows you to add your performance to a good music you found on the app. Play along with your favorite work.

Group function for band members

  • Group function let the registered group member work together to create works just by themselves. 
  • Unlike the collaboration function, the members can edit the original tracks created by other group members.

Socialize with other musicians

  • Find your favorite work in the community of your interest, and socialize with others by commenting, adding your favorite mark, or following the user.


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